Operation Round Up, a program that began in January 2005 at Oconee EMC, provides assistance to organizations and agencies with a charitable purpose within the seven counties we serve. The funds are distributed to organizations and agencies that provide support for charitable, literary, cultural or educational purposes to help improve our communities.

All funds come from contributions made by Oconee EMC members. Members can contribute by allowing their power bill to be rounded up to the next dollar each month. That extra change, ranging from a penny to 99 cents, goes directly to Operation Round Up. The average contribution is about 50 cents per month, or $6 per year.

The majority of our members support the program by allowing their bill to be rounded up each month. Thanks to that strong participation, Operation Round Up has been able to significantly affect our seven-county service area. Last year, more than $73,000 was given to organizations or agencies with a charitable, literary, cultural or educational purpose.

All Operation Round Up donations are administered through the Oconee EMC Foundation Inc. The Board of Directors of Oconee EMC appointed seven Trustees who are responsible for investigating and evaluating applications for assistance and make the decisions about the disbursement of funds. The Trustees of the Foundation are community representatives who serve on a voluntary basis, with no pay or any other compensation.

Are you rounding UP?

Application Due Date Disbursement Meeting Date
February 1, 2020 March
May 1, 2020 June
August 1, 2020 September
November 1, 2020 December